Activated Vision Board Canvas & Tutorial

Creative Feng Shui® Intentional Vision Board

Specifically created and activated to correspond with the Bagua Map.

Your Activated Vision Board is a powerful opportunity to present your life, business and personal goals – along with your intentions in detailed, purposeful way. Making your vision truly come to life whilst inspiring and empowering you to take inspired action towards your desires and goals by:

  • presenting your goals in a structured way
  • implementing the language of manifestation
  • enhancing the clarity of your goals
  • strengthening the focus on your energy
  • keeping your goals and desires visible 24/7
  • applying creative expression, energy and emotion towards what you wish to transform
  • enhancing the power of manifestation by using individualised aspects of space and Creative Feng Shui
  • bringing aspects of structure and creativity together for maximum benefit

You will also receive a tutorial on how to consciously create your vision board so that you can embrace the power of your intentional vision board.

Within the vision board you will also receive my bespoke artwork commission of activated symbols of subliminal messages, auspicious symbols and prosperity / fortune symbols which further enhance the power of this board.

Made from:
Hand finished in Tenby, South Wales, each of canvas is individually printed, crafted and hand-stretched to ensure that you receive the highest quality product.

30” x 20”

Delivery Information:
This product usually takes 7-10 days to arrive.
The cost of UK delivery is included in the price of this item.
Orders outside of the UK will require a shipping quotation prior ordering. Contact us for more information.

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