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I’m Sarah

I’m a Holistic Success Strategist for Business, Life and Home. If you’re wondering what that involves, I help people like you consciously create + intentionally live a limitless life filled with happiness, purpose and fulfilment through my unique Creative Feng Shui® technique and over 20 years consultancy and mentoring experience.

I’m excited for you to discover how you can approach life in a different way, harnessing the power of Creative Feng Shui® and start benefitting from an intentional approach to creating more wealth, health and a happier you, without the hustle, chaos, burnout or stress.

I’m thrilled to offer you a diverse mix of ways in which we can work together. I work extremely privately with clients around the world and currently work on a referral basis only.

How we can

work together

Creative Feng Shui

Live With More Intention

Align yourself and your home with the energy of fortune. Confidently create an environment to welcome consistent wealth and position yourself for unstoppable success in every area of your life and business.

Professional Photography

Capturing What Matters

Offering bespoke lifestyle, personal brand, private functions, retreats and editorial style photography to luxury business owners, influencers, executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

Luxury Brand Consultancy

Purpose Driven Creative Strategy

Guiding luxury businesses to enhance their positioning through impactful brand development, visionary marketing & innovative PR.

Luxury Real Estate

Your Competitive Edge

Whether you are buying, selling or living in your home, Creative Feng Shui can have a profound effect on creating harmony in any environment. Let’s use it to your advantage.

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Blush worthy praise

from clients

So proud to be a private client of Sarah’s! I cannot even put into words the last few weeks since implementing this stuff. Well actually I can…. I’m now in a position to finally have a nanny without giving it any financial thought and during a quiet opening of my academy with no launch/ emails or bots whatsoever I have attracted £53,500 in the last week alone.
Abigail Horne

Founder, Authors & Co

Using Sarah’s Creative Feng Shui® process, when I walk into my home it now feels like this magical sanctuary where all my dreams are becoming my reality. It’s like more and more streams of evidence everyday! It’s magical really! Who would have guessed our living spaces could help us manifest our desires?
Tasha Chen

Co-Founder, Science of getting rich academy

Sarah’s work is simply MAGIC, there is no other word to describe it. I sold out a brand new offer and filled it with the exact people I dreamt of working with, my book was accepted into big name book stores, media opportunities and sales flow to me every single day just like magic.
Jane Baker

High ticket sales strategist

“I feel so lucky,” is what I’ve caught myself saying repeatedly over the past few months since working with Sarah! I’m more intentional in everything I do and my office has been transformed. I feel more productive and I’ve attracted clients who value my work and pay in full.

Lucy Crane

Founder, Glow Society

Everyone needs Sarah in their life. I’ve always had an interest in Feng Shui but the way she utilises nature, intention and activations has been a game-changer for every area of my life. 

Nichola Sproson

Founder, Intuitive Alignment Model

No more complicated instructions, just easy to follow, life changing steps to change your fortune and live life with intention.

Creative Feng Shui has changed my life and I’m sure it will change yours too! I’m so happy!

Kezia Luckett

Founder, Women of Contribution

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Ready to intentionally create more HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE AND in your life, home and business?


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