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Vision. Strategy. Success.

Abigail & Sarah are so different, yet so similar. With their completely different backgrounds, together they are dynamite. Their shared passion for business and helping women succeed is just the beginning. Combining their skillset means that they can confidently help you in every area of your business, life and career.

Abigail is a self confessed serial entrepreneur with a corporate background and collection of successful businesses which have achieved huge success.

Sarah has achieved success on her terms and has over 10 years experience being self employed and created a number of innovative businesses.

Now it’s time to combine their knowledge, expertise creative vision and business success to help YOU with whatever SUCCESS means to you!

It’s time to become the BOSS of your future success with Abigail & Sarah helping you every step of the way!

Let’s talk about YOUR future SUCCESS!

We specialise in helping female entrepreneurs and any woman looking to achieve their version of success in Iife and business.

We attract women in business. Passionate, driven entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and women who have dreams and aspirations but need the clarity, strategy and clear goals to make their vision take shape.

Our goal is to not only to provide you with fresh ideas, a creative way of achieving your version of success and getting you the results you’re after…. but we also want to make your experience working with us so incredible that you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

If ANY of this makes you feel like ‘I NEED THIS’ – you’re in the right place lovely!

Have some questions?

What is a Strategy Call?
A strategy session is a 60-minute virtual session with us both and we will dig deep into what you’re creating with your business, provide you with idea’s, inspiration and strategy to help you achieve your objectives.
What Will I Receive?
Prior to your bespoke session with us, you’ll complete a pre-call questionnaire so that there’s no fluff and we don’t waste any time getting into what you need for your business. Your package includes;

  • A 60-min bespoke virtual strategy session with us both (Abigail and Sarah)
  • Recording of the session that you can have lifetime access to / replay at any time
  • A written strategy report of our recommendations with links to any tools or resources we recommend
  • Direct email access for one week after our session to ask questions


As soon as you have purchased a Strategy Call, we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a mutually convenient day/time and run through what you can expect. 
I've been in business a while, will this help me?
Yes! Want to know why?

As your business grows, you can easily ‘out grow’ your current strategy (did you even have a strategy or were you winging it?). Despite what you might have heard, there is no “secret sauce” that works for everyone. Our strategy sessions begin with a bespoke approach to where you are right now and where you want to be compared to how we can help improve your overall business (and life!) goals. We will confidently help inspire opportunities for growth and put a plan in place for it’s  implementation.

Once you have purchased your Strategy Call, you’ll receive an email inviting you to complete our Strategy Call Questionnaire and we’ll ask you when you want to meet (virtually) to have your strategy session.

When we receive your questionnaire, you may hear from us with a few questions before our scheduled time so that we can make the most of our time together.

You’ll have the call with us (normally around 1 hour) and you’ll come away with tons of inspiration, vision for the future, clarity and invaluable insights. We’ll then follow up with the recording and your personalised strategy planner so that you can implement everything.

Of course!

We offer discounts on larger packages, business packages for the workplace and bespoke requests so contact us if you’re interested in buying 4 sessions or more.

How nice is that!?! YES! Of course. We can create a gift voucher or contact the lucky lady who is going to receive this.
We’d love to help make this as special as possible so make sure you contact us with all the details when you’ve purchased the package and we’ll get our heads together.

HUSBAND’S TAKE NOTE; You will get SERIOUS BRUCEY BONUS POINTS if you purchase this for your special lady!!

Once we give you the nuggets of information, advised strategy and approach for your business, the results will greatly depend on the actions you take after our strategy session. As such, we are unable to make any specific guarantees about the results you’ll achieve.

At the beginning of your strategy call we will all mutually agree on the objectives for your call, highlight everything at the end and you will receive a copy of the strategy planner so that you can use the information to plan and implement. 

What’s included?

Strategy Planner

You will receive a questionnaire prior to your call and then an actionable strategy planner following your session so you can implement it immediately.

Business Strategy

Providing you with actionable strategies & savvy marketing tips to build a productive, profitable and sustainable business. Saving you time & overwhelm.


Your strategy call will be recorded and sent to you so that you can refer back to it at any time and use it for your business, life and career.