Your self activation

Your beginners guide to tapping in to possibility and inviting long lasting positive change within you and around you by harnessing the power of Creative Feng Shui®.

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Shui with me


A self activation for you, your home and business.

I am excited to share these 5 ways to help you discover how you can tap into your FORTUNE and activate your ability to attract SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE in your life & business .

Seek your magic number

Unlock your personal ‘magic number’ and get access to your lucky directions to seek your fortune and enhance your space.

Set your fortune intentions

Setting powerful intentions for your fortune, wealth, abundance and success to flow to you freely and easily.

Find your magic map

Learn how to turn your space into a three dimensional vision board so that we can place your intentions in the right direction.

Write your magic cheque

Receive a magic cheque so that you can let the universe know that YOU ARE READY for your desired wealth and abundance.

Activate & celebrate

Receive the specific activations to strategically place in the right place, at the right time so that your energy flow can build momentum.

Meet your activate expert


Hello, I’m Sarah

The voice and founder of Creative Feng Shui®. I help my clients around the world create powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business.

The way we live has changed forever and the main benefit of choosing to use Creative Feng Shui as the tool to enhance and activate your lifestyle choices is that it provides you with the energy to tap into an endless source of personal power and fortune which can instantly affect every area of daily life in the deepest, most positive way. Helping harness your productivity, focus, creativity and relaxation.

This self activation will help you instantly create long lasting impact, empower you to live with intention and consciously create your reality.



What we’ll cover…

You will become a seasoned pro at harnessing the power of living with intention, learning how to create powerful activations and enhancements for success, wealth, health and happiness in your home, life and business.

Together we will open up your life to a fresh perspective, creativity, new energy, exciting opportunities and take intentional inspired action towards everything you desire.

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