A fabulous and free introduction to Intentional Living® and harnessing the power of Creative Feng Shui® for your life, home and business.


Shui with me…



I am excited to share these complimentary sessions with you so that you can discover how you can tap into your FORTUNE and activate your ability to attract HAPPINESS, SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE in every area of your life, home and business.

Seek your magic number

Unlock your personal ‘magic number’ and get access to your lucky directions to seek your fortune and enhance your space.


Set your fortune intentions

Setting powerful intentions for your fortune, wealth, abundance and success to flow to you freely and easily.


Find your magic map

Learn how to turn your space into a three dimensional vision board so that we can place your intentions in the right direction.


Write your magic cheque

Receive a magic cheque so that you can let the universe know that YOU ARE READY for your desired wealth and abundance.


Activate & celebrate

Receive the specific activations to strategically place in the right place, at the right time so that your energy flow can build momentum.


Meet your guide


Hello, I’m Sarah

I love helping women like you step into their power by creating a life of limitless personal and professional success (whatever that may look like for you). 

I champion and mentor women who are destined for true happiness in every area of their life, business and home, but are still trying to join the dots of ‘what’s next’ to allow them to step into a new chapter of possibility and optimism for the future.

I truly believe that happiness is our birth right and when we are happier we become more confident, more connected, more likely to take risks and more likely to move out of our comfort zone. I also believe happiness and success is available to all of us and there’s never been a better time for more women to embrace positive change and consciously create their own unique path in life.

I’m here to help guide you and take inspired action towards your vision and intentions. I’m also here to help unlock what this looks like for you. Your life… your way… taking the steps, together.

And if you don’t know what that looks like, just for a moment, borrow my belief.


Join me on this life-enriching self-improvement-meets-self-empowerment journey and you can expect:


A   H.A.P.P.I.E.R   YOU
H – Happiness. A – Action. P – Permission. P – Purpose. I – Intention. E – Energy. R – Responsibility.

Week One: Setting Yourself Up For Success
– Take a deeper dive into Feng Shui & Creative Feng Shui
– Why Intentional Living is a lifestyle

Week Two: Creative Feng Shui Fundamentals
– Harnessing Your Personal Energy Number
– Unlock Your Magic & Manifesting Powers
– How To Feng Shui Your Home, Life & Business

Week Three: Creating Your Happy Space
– Creating Space: Mind, Body, Soul & Home
– Sort Your Sh*t Out!
– How To Feng Shui Your Home, Life & Business
– The Karma Release
– Your Room-By-Room Feng Shui Guide

Week Four: Vision & Intention
– Creating Your Intention Board
– The Colour of Your Life & Style
– Personalised Activations
– Your Belief Is Your Reality

Week Five: Creating Purposeful Change
– Progress Over Perfection
– The One Thing & 1% Better Approach
– The Choices You Make Define You
– Movement & Momentum

Week Six: Inspired Action
– When Preparation Meets Opportunity
– The Secret – Shhhh!
– The Key To Consistency
– The Leap Of Faith

Week Seven: The Energy Of Fortune
– Aligning With The Energy Of Fortune
– Science & Symbols
– Letting Go Of Control
– Watch Your Language

Week Eight: Permission For Limitless Success
– Taking Responsibility For Your Actions
– Your Future Self
– Celebration, Joy and Fun
– The Mantra

Week Nine: The Power Of YOU
– What To Do When You Feel Stuck
– Happiness Fuels Success
– The Purpose Playbook
– Leave Nothing To Chance


We get started W/C 3rd September 2022

You can also expect supporting downloads for each of the sessions, journal prompts and exercises to add to your toolkit. This is a lifetime access program and you will receive all future updates.