Hey there, Sarah here!

I wanted to ensure that you have a document with all of the links, information and additional support / resources so that you have EVERYTHING you need to make the most of our time together.

To start, I wanted to give you a heads up on something… I’m really passionate about not being on Facebook to deliver The Happier You. The easier option would have been to create yet another group which once again means that you get countless notifications and distraction – which sort of defeats the objective of being more INTENTIONAL.

I also like to zig whilst everyone else is zagging by being CREATIVE in my approach and delivery so that it freshens things up for you and keeps you excited for WHAT’S NEXT (I also like to add in a few surprises along the way).

This is why I will be hosting The Happier You via my website and my brand new private community app. That means you have 2 PLACES where you can watch, learn and connect which I feel is VERY exciting!

I will be in touch with you all personally between now and Monday evening to ensure that you can all access everything you need at this stage.