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 Have you done a vision board before? If you are familiar with manifestation and law of attraction ideas, creating a vision board that captures all your wishes won’t be a new concept to you.


Usually, it involves pasting exciting magazine clippings of your long-for holiday destination, what your dream house looks like, a fancy car you’d love, a passionate partner, a big pile of cash, and of course affirmations and keywords of your future desires. Then, you’d put this vision board somewhere visible that keeps reminding you of your lust-worthy goals and vision for the year.


Sometimes, it’s effective. Sometimes, it’s not. Want to know why? The answer is simple, these desires are not intentional enough. Those images on your vision board are great, but they are not aligned with your powerful personal energy number and the strongest direction of energy flow for you to fully tap in to.


If you want your vision board to transform into a magnet to attract everything you desire and more, you need to align it with the energy of fortune by using the tips and tools that Creative Feng Shui is based upon. Going forward, you will learn how to place your powerful intentions and goals in the right energy space, in the right direction, at the right time.


Our home is our most precious and intimate space, so designing our space with intention whilst aligning it with positive energy, is what Creative Feng Shui will help you to do. The aim here is to turn your home into a four-dimensional vision board and to do that, this involves utilising everything you have been provided with so far in this book.


Creating a 4D vision board involves specifically knowing the best places to attract your vision (i.e. aligning the wealth energy direction when setting wealth-related goals). When you do this, you will automatically infuse the highest positive energy into your space and you can enhance your intentions furthermore.

Let’s use your ‘Magic Map’ to transform every area of home into a 4D Vision Board and to help you live with more intention so that you can invite more LOVE & ABUNDANCE into your life and home.




Your front door should be clean, tidy and in perfect condition as it represents wealth. It should look and feel strong and inviting so that you can welcome the positive energy flow into your home. 

To draw the energy to your front door, place a beautiful plant and light either side of the door. You can also add fresh flowers in your hallway to attract more joy.



Your living room is essential to family flow. It is a place where you can enjoy quality time with loved ones, entertain and create the ambiance you desire. Often, after a long day at work, the living room is the one place in your home where you feel you can completely relax.


Applying Feng Shui principles in the living room is easier than you think. For anything you want to bring into your life, bring symbols that visually represent this into your space through positive artwork, gold framed family pictures which represent optimism, fun, love and happiness. 


Avoid clutter will be avoided at all costs in your living space as this messiness, clutter, and other untidy distractions bring about a sense of discomfort. Y



Given today’s busy and hectic lifestyles, the evening meal is often the only time of the day the family gets to sit down together. It is important to create a warm and friendly dining room area, make it easy for the family to talk to each other and feel nourished.

Your table and the area around it need to be “loaded with luck”. To activate this, you can add a rounded bowl filled with rounded fruit, in the centre of the table, is excellent feng shui; the more food you show, the more “richness of life” you possess. Many fruits have special significance: you could choose apples to boost friendship, pears for energy, peaches for health and oranges for richness. You can include other favourite fruits as well. 

In general, muted tones and simple shapes are best to promote the calming energy you need around the table and help to create the perfect dining room atmosphere.



Feng Shui is perfectly at home in the bedroom. The principle is to create an harmonious abode. The ultimate desire for your bedroom is to destress after a long day, recharge, revitalise and initiate a serene space of love and connection with your partner.


When adding touches of Feng Shui to your bedroom, the position of the bed is of the utmost importance. 

You can instantly make improvements by ensuring your bed is positioned correctly. Your energy needs extra protection while you sleep, so place your bed against a wall with a solid headboard to support you. Or at least towards a wall with a closed window that doesn’t have a draft. 


To activate more love, the key focus in your bedroom should be rest, intimacy and your relationship. For married couples, you can place items in pairs in the far right corner of the bedroom otherwise known as the southwest corner. 


Artwork that speaks love, partnership, and a nurturing relationship is a perfect enhancement for this space.  



Let’s move on to the kitchen, the heart of every home, it multitasks like the best of us and plays a very important role according to the overall Feng Shui of your home. Positive chi really matters in this room as in Feng Shui it represents health and wealth of the family. 


Green is associated with family and health and so a perfect choice to attract positive, balanced energy. Plants are natural filters, inhaling toxins and carbons and exhaling oxygen, so they do double duty and a great enhancer for this part of your home.


To avoid sharp discussions and arguments, ensure that you have no knives or sharp objects on display. In Feng Shui, round shapes are thought to have the most flow and harmonious movement, which is well-suited to when you’re sitting down to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Round plates are also said to facilitate open, loving communication and interaction between the occupants of the house. 


A great colour to enhance good Feng Shui in your kitchen is to use accents of yellow. The colour yellow can represent both Earth and Fire, depending on its intensity. Yellow is also seen as a nourishing colour, and is said to be able to help stimulate digestion and mental function. 


For clarity, keep your countertops de-cluttered and check that your kitchen doors open smoothly and easily to ensure a smooth flow of energy. 



Bathrooms get a bad reputation as being the leakers of positive energy. It is thought that positive energies can be drained from a home through the bathroom drains, and so it’s important to always ensure the toilet seat is down and the door is closed whenever possible to protect your positive energy flow.


A sparkling bathroom will help prevent the negative energy from forming and ensure by using colour tones like white or pale hues, you are creating an inviting and welcoming environment for your body. White is also known for cutting through feelings of confusion and slowness and can help you get a good jump-start to your day or declutter your mind before heading off to bed for the night.


Create a spa type space that enhances relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalizes you. Displaying fewer items, the better off you will feel. Negative energies are amplified in bathrooms, so the fewer hindrances there are, the better. 



Increasingly, more of us are working from home and in most cases, we don’t appreciate how powerful our office can be to our professional and business success. 


If you would like to make the most of your career and time spent in the home office, there are many Feng Shui principles you can take advantage of to make it happen by positioning your desk in the ‘power position’ to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area. 


A Feng Shui ‘power position’ means you do not have your back to the door; your desk is positioned further from the door and not in line with it. Be also mindful of not facing a wall while working at your desk. If you have to face the wall, use feng shui to make the wall “disappear” with smart use of art or even your vision board.


There are 3 important areas in your home office that need to be treated properly for best Feng Shui energy. The South area is your fame and reputation area, the North area relates to your career and the Southeast area is your prosperity and abundance area. Here, you should place images or items that speak to you of money and abundance. 


Great enhancements for your home office is a crystal globe for global success / clients and opportunities, a bubbling fountain which activates wealth and abundance flowing to you and books on success help you learn from those you are inspired by.

Additional love activations for your life using Creative Feng Shui (Original Content)


If you think that Feng Shui is only good for your home or your office? Think again. This can also be used to attract and enhance love and relationships. 


Are you searching for that special someone? You have been putting yourself out there, dating, and meeting new people. Or, maybe you are finding that your current romantic relationship needs some TLC. 


How about giving your love life an energetic boost? Let’s add a little Creative Feng Shui magic to your vision board to call in more love.


There are many ways your intentional vision board can empower you to activate the energy in your life. Let’s start by boosting and strengthening your love chi (energy) by activating your love corner.




If you think that Feng Shui is only good for your home or your office, think again. This can also be used for love and relationships. Here are some tips you should know. 


  1. If you are married or in a relationship, hang pictures of you together. 


  1. If you have mirrors in the bedroom and they are facing the bed, relocate them because it reflects the couple on the bed. 


  1. As for the bed, make sure that this is not in direct line to the door. It should also be accessible from three sides as this will allow you to keep your partner.  


  1. You should always treat yourselves to fresh flowers and once they wilt, replace it. Never put these in the southwest corner of the room as this will clash with the element of romance, namely earth. 


  1. If there are any abstract, dark or sad artworks in the bedroom, take it out. These things encourage negativity when this room should be peaceful and safe for those who sleep there.  You can replace it with a painting of Peonies, love birds or silk flowers as these represent love. 


  1. You must never work out in the bedroom because this represents hard work that is often a hindrance of romantic space. 


  1. Should the bedroom doors squeak, fix it because it blocks romantic energy from entering the bedroom. 


  1. For those who have toilets and unfortunately this is located on the south west corner of the room, don’t worry because you can fix it by hanging a five rod wind chime. 


  1. The bedroom should be well ventilated so old energy moves out of the room. 


  1. It will also be a good idea to buy yourselves a gift as this symbolises your relationship. Put this in a prominent place in the room or the home so you are able to remember your partner. 


  1. But what if you are still single? Well Creative Feng Shui may also work for you. You do this by making a wish list of what qualities you want in an ideal partner and also the ideal relationship. These are two different things and when you write it, be specific. It may not happen today or tomorrow but one day, your ideal partner will show up and you can have your dream come true. 


Creative Feng Shui can help you keep the love alive in your relationship by blocking out negative things and then embracing those that are positive. 


If you are feeling nervous or worried as you change things in your home, maybe it’s best to spend a little time focusing on self-care before jumping into this exercise; show yourself love and compassion. Be patient with yourself and the process, and know that wonderful things take time to manifest.


To create flow, adding lighting, crystals, and red objects can greatly stimulate the corner and activate attracting partners to those who are single or revive relationships that bring happiness to the female of the house. The added colour elements of Yellow, beige, red, pink, orange and purple are all excellent for improving the flow of energy to this corner of your rooms. 


Other enhancements could include pairs of objects, such as vases, porcelain bowls, or pictures of mountains for example. If you are single, a pair or ducks or pictures of geese will support you in attracting love here. 


Hi. I'm Sarah!

The voice and founder of Creative Feng Shui®. I help my clients around the world create powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business.


I invite you to join me in activating your limitless potential so that you can become a magnet for success and attract your wildest desires in life, business and finances.

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Hi. I'm Sarah!

The voice and founder of Creative Feng Shui®. I help my clients around the world create powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business.


I invite you to join me in activating your limitless potential so that you can become a magnet for success and attract your wildest desires in life, business and finances.