Create your life around what matters most and become the happier you…


Imagine waking every morning filled with clarity, intention and excitement around what you do, create and contribute to the day which lays ahead.

You don’t have to take drastic steps to find happiness and pursue your version of success and that’s the promise of “The Happier You” – your guide to living with more intention by harnessing the power of Creative Feng Shui.

When you stop settling, trust your intuition, and do the work, you will enjoy more meaningful relationships, career and lifestyle. It’s time to stop living on autopilot and start living with intention.

Wish you had a plan, some structure or knowhow? Or, if you do have a plan, do you wish it were more workable or that you had some support and accountability in carrying it out?

If you felt yourself saying YES YES YES to any of this, you might be a good candidate for THE HAPPIER YOU.

Let me ask you



What would your life be like if you knew that you couldn’t fail?

Hello! I’m Sarah, an Intentional Living Expert and Founder of Creative Feng Shui, here to help you create THE HAPPIER YOU, your way.

I love helping women like you step into their power by creating a life of limitless personal and professional success (whatever that may look like for you).

I champion and mentor women who are destined for true happiness in every area of their life, business and home, but are still trying to join the dots of ‘what’s next’ to allow them to step into a new chapter of possibility and optimism for the future.

I truly believe that happiness is our birth right and when we are happier we become more confident, more connected, more likely to take risks and more likely to move out of our comfort zone. I also believe happiness and success is available to all of us and there’s never been a better time for more women to embrace positive change and consciously create their own unique path in life.

I’m here to help guide you and take inspired action towards your vision and intentions. I’m also here to help unlock what this looks like for you. Your life… your way… taking the steps, together.

And if you don’t know what that looks like, just for a moment, borrow my belief.

What if I told you there’s a way to make it all happen…

I believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to becoming happier, healthier, wealthier, more productive, or more creative. However, the game changes when we know what we want and we are surrounded by the right people to help make it happen. 

It’s time to prioritise and take responsibility for what you want the most & take back control of what you want out of your life. You deserve so much more and together we can ensure that you become HAPPIER in all that you do!

There’s more inside you

than you know…




I also believe it’s your birthright to flourish & thrive…

You deserve to become the happier version of YOU. Your life is worth WAY more than just settling or standing on the sidelines watching everyone else when all you want to feel is passionate, energised and have the confidence to take action!

It’s not about me giving you a secret formula or doing the work for you (sorry). It’s better than that because you already hold all the solutions within you. 

My job is to help you see the opportunities, help you strategise a way forward and more importantly, create a safe space for you to feel empowered enough to do the work and give you the opportunity to stay accountable. I’m also relentless in encouraging you to have the belief and courage to take responsibility for your actions – because I believe in YOU!





Say yes to The Happier You…

THE HAPPIER YOU supports you in creating a life, career/business and home that honours what matters the most, utilises your strengths, your positive energy and intention to move you towards your vision and desires for the future.

It means that you will be making the choice to take positive steps that will enable you to take the action required and you will take responsibility for your actions, behaviours and habits so that you are making conscious decisions and devoting yourself to seeing your BIG PLAN come to life.





Why work with me?




I believe in YOU, your ability, your talent and your vision. It’s my job is to hold a mirror up to how amazing you truly are.

I have heavily invested in my own personal development and had the opportunity to work with world renowned coaches and mentors to gain valuable insight into an array of strategies and techniques.

I walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk, I live what I preach.

I am a kind but straight talking mentor with a calming, nurturing approach.

I have worked in creative fields, marketing and business development for many years before turning my hand to specialising as a Success Mentor – no doubt I can apply these skills to help you on your journey too.

I will be your accountability partner, regularly checking in between sessions to keep you on track and ensure that you’re moving the needle forward on achieving your goals and taking inspired action.

My tried and tested techniques have seen blush-worthy results and now I want to be by your side so that I can share everything I know with YOU!

Join me on this life-enriching self-improvement-meets-self-empowerment journey and you can expect:


A   H.A.P.P.I.E.R   YOU
H – Happiness. A – Action. P – Permission. P – Purpose. I – Intention. E – Energy. R – Responsibility.

Week One: Setting Yourself Up For Success
– Take a deeper dive into Feng Shui & Creative Feng Shui
– Why Intentional Living is a lifestyle

Week Two: Creative Feng Shui Fundamentals
– Harnessing Your Personal Energy Number
– Unlock Your Magic & Manifesting Powers
– How To Feng Shui Your Home, Life & Business

Week Three: Creating Your Happy Space
– Creating Space: Mind, Body, Soul & Home
– Sort Your Sh*t Out!
– How To Feng Shui Your Home, Life & Business
– The Karma Release
– Your Room-By-Room Feng Shui Guide

Week Four: Vision & Intention
– Creating Your Intention Board
– The Colour of Your Life & Style
– Personalised Activations
– Your Belief Is Your Reality

Week Five: Creating Purposeful Change
– Progress Over Perfection
– The One Thing & 1% Better Approach
– The Choices You Make Define You
– Movement & Momentum

Week Six: Inspired Action
– When Preparation Meets Opportunity
– The Secret – Shhhh!
– The Key To Consistency
– The Leap Of Faith

Week Seven: The Energy Of Fortune
– Aligning With The Energy Of Fortune
– Science & Symbols
– Letting Go Of Control
– Watch Your Language

Week Eight: Permission For Limitless Success
– Taking Responsibility For Your Actions
– Your Future Self
– Celebration, Joy and Fun
– The Mantra

Week Nine: The Power Of YOU
– What To Do When You Feel Stuck
– Happiness Fuels Success
– The Purpose Playbook
– Leave Nothing To Chance



You can also expect supporting downloads for each of the sessions, journal prompts and exercises to add to your toolkit. This is a lifetime access program and you will receive all future updates.

Blush Worthy Praise


Love Notes

I’m so proud to be a private client of Sarah’s! It’s been the most mind blowing year of my life – I cannot even put into words the power of implementing Sarah’s teachings (or magic as I call it) I have effortlessly attracted £360k of “extra” business in a matter of months since understanding the use of Creative Feng Shui within my home, office and vision board. It FEELS so different and so incredible. We laugh because I can’t keep up with how quickly I attract these things. Everyone needs Sarah in their lives, but be warned, you should brace yourself for a whole new level of success that you may not be expecting.
Abigail Horne

Founder, Authors & Co

Using Sarah’s Creative Feng Shui® process, when I walk into my home it now feels like this magical sanctuary where all my dreams are becoming my reality. It’s like more and more streams of evidence everyday! It’s magical really! Who would have guessed our living spaces could help us manifest our desires?